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Our Mission

The mission of Lee Magnet High School is to provide a college preparatory curriculum that will develop and nurture highly motivated global leaders that excel in every field of human achievement.

Our Vision

The vision of Lee Magnet High School is to create a student centered academic learning environment prepares students to be successful members of the community and compete in a global economy.

Philosophy & Goals

Lee Magnet High School exists primarily for the purpose of providing a college preparatory education for its students. Our curriculum, educational environment, and social atmosphere emphasize the development of the skills and attitudes that our students will need to attain their future academic and personal goals. We are also dedicated to the development of the democratic, moral, and social values in our students basic to our culture. Our faculty, staff, student body, parents, and community cooperate in a unified effort to accomplish these aims.

About Lee High

Lee Magnet High School provides an academic and STEM program for students who can meet the challenge of the special courses offered. The curriculum provides a college preparatory secondary education for those students who through motivation, talent, or ability can benefit from the special program offered.

Through the use of a carefully designed collegiate schedule, course content and time frame vary in order to meet student needs as well as course objectives. Strong emphasis is placed on the STEM and digital media with ample opportunity for students to concentrate in these areas. Students have the opportunity to take college credit courses and experience concentrated content courses.

Resources open to students include the facilities and personnel of the school, two universities, local industries, and the community at large. The total educational opportunities available to students are, for the most part, limited only by the imagination of the staff, student body, and community.

In the areas of athletics, major ephasis is placed on lifetime sports and the principles that have greatest carry-over to adult life.

The required and elective courses of the magnet curriculum allow students to excel in academics and the arts, while they prepare for entry into institutions of higher learning to pursue a variety of professions.

This philosophy can be applied in the following areas:

Curriculum: Purpose, Development, and Implementation

Our students will follow a curriculum tailored to their individual goals, which will foster a mastery of:
     a. oral and written communication skills vital for a full life in an ever-developing society;
     b. analytical skills necessary for solving both concrete and abstract problems in any area, and;
     c. a broad range of knowledge and abilities in academic, artistic, performing, and socio-cultural areas requisite for effective pursuit of personal, career, and societal goals in a democratic society.

Individual Growth: Maturity and Self-Actualization

Our students will develop a positive concept of themselves and of others by realization of:
     a. their own dignity and worth, as well as that of others;
     b.  their potential for increasing the quality of life culturally, socially, mentally, and physically;
     c.  their increased understanding and tolerance of varying attitudes and beliefs;
     d.  their responsibilities for the development of values in our democratic society;
     e.  their growth in all of these areas fostered by the school environment and the positive relationships between students and teachers. 
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